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VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Trailers - like all other vehicles - have VINs. Even though the term "VIN number" is therefor redundant since the "N" in "VIN" stands for "number", it is still common and acceptable to use the phrase VIN number is communications in order to clarify the discussion and avoid confusion with terms like "vin" referring to wine.

Prior to 1981 vehicle manufacturers made up whatever VIN numbers they wanted to use. They could be any length and they code decode any information the manufacturer chose. The modern VIN numbering system is defined by regulation in a worldwide system of a 17 digit number that is specifically governed by each country.

These 17 digit VINs are prescribed by each country to comply with specific information delineated to impart specific information is specific places with the VIN number - for instance the manufacturer's ID number (known as the WMI number, the trailer type, the trailer length, number of axels, etc.

Trailers are vehicles under US federal law and under the laws of each state and therefor the 17 digit VIN sustem and the standard Vehicle MCO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) apply to trailers

For a long time many states did not require the 17 digit VIN for trailers and many states issued their own serial numbers on homebuilt trailers. More and more states are requiring the official 17 digit VIN number on trailers and even people in states that allow for simple state-issued trailer serial numbers are better off participating in the US federal 17-digit trailer VIN program that the trailers they build can be used in other states.

We handle all the details of your company's VIN code. We set up a verified and approved VIN code for you and get you simple instructions on how to calculate your VIN numbers quickly and easily!

How the U.S. Trailer VIN numbers work... A trailer builder gets a special set-up through the federal government and is issued their own unique manufacturer number which will be a key part of the VIN numbers and they have to get approved a complete and proper VIN code and manufacturers info submitted to the federal government and approved.

Once everything is completed and approved, the manufacturer and their trailer VIN code and key info will be on the federal website of approved, legal trailer manufacturers for access to all DMVs, tage agencies, etc.

We handle this whole federal process for you. We set up your shop or company to issue 17 digit trailer VIN numbers and MCOs (certificates of origin)!

We make the whole VIN process very easy and painless for you. There are no inspections or paperwork hassles at all for you!

Under this program you are registering to self-certify your own trailers as compliant with US safety rules which is basically just the standard common safety equipment that you are already aware of.... new street-legal tires, the lighting, safety chains, and brakes on heavy-duty trailers - and to issue your own bona fide 17 digit trailer VIN numbers and MCOs

We just need the basic info on the questionnaire below to get you your very own trailer VIN numbers system. THAT'S IT!

There are :
* NO inspections
* NO red tape
* NO reporting
* NO recurring fees or renewal fees
* NO insurance requirements
... * NOTHING!

This really is a NO Hassle . . . NO-Brainer

Once we have completed your license processing, we will get your your trailer VIN Code sheet for your company/shop with simple instructions on how to issue your trailer VIN numbers and how to print your MCOs and Labels and comply with the labeling rules, etc... It is all VERY SIMPLE!

Get your Trailer Manufacturing License, Trailer VIN Code System set-up, and complete turn-key operation for doing your VIN numbers, MCOs and labels.

TURNAROUND TIME : About 2 to 5 weeks total typically

Trailer VIN numbers Special
For the ONE-TIME SPECIAL fee of just $899 (regular price = $1500 )

There are . . .

* NO annual fees
* NO Renewal fees
* NO Fee-perVIN-number
* NO membership fees

FREE: We even get you a Starter pack of MCOs and labeling so you can hit the ground running.... also the printing instructions and printing templates for those materials.

Trailer Manufacturer Starter Packet VIN labels and MCOs

PAYMENT: 100% Paid in advance through PayPal Merchant Systems Secure Server by either PayPal account . . . OR just by credit card

When finished we get you your completed and approved VIN code and simple instructions for doing your trailer VIN numbers.

The process is pretty painless and hassle free for you. We just need some basic info in the questionnaire below.

Just copy and paste the questions below into an email and fill in the answers in your email.

Once we have that info, we will invoice you through PayPal Merchant Systems and you can pay either by PayPal or just by credit card for the full amount and the VIN license and registration process will begin after payment is completed. The process is pretty painless and hassle free for you. We just need some basic info in the questionnaire below.

Please let us know if you have any questions. or call 602-350-4537

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